Pavel Ondrák and Petr Vohnický promoted to counsel, Jiří Nečas takes up a new position of Legal Technologist

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04. 01. 2024

The beginning of the year at HAVEL & PARTNERS is traditionally associated with internal promotions, with a total of 15 lawyers promoted to senior positions as of 1 January 2024. Pavel Ondrák and Petr Vohnický now work at the counsel level and the firm is also filling the position of Legal Technologist for the first time, which is to be held by Jiří Nečas.

In the new year, we continue to follow our internal HR policy of allowing exceptionally fast career growth for all colleagues who demonstrate extraordinary experience in their branches of law and have a long-standing record of excellent performance,” explained managing partner Jaroslav Havel regarding the wave of promotions in the firm. “At the staff level, we are also responding to the changing needs of our clients. In the long term, we have seen an increased demand for advice related to digitisation, computerisation and new technologies. That is why we have introduced the new position of legal digitisation expert, whose task is to manage and implement innovative digital processes and technologies so that we can support our clients in this area as effectively as possible. Similarly, he will also coordinate technological developments within our firm,” Jaroslav Havel added.

Before becoming counsel, Pavel Ondrák was a senior associate at the firm. Pavel specialises in mergers and acquisitions, corporate law, commercial law and public procurement law. In his practice at HAVEL & PARTNERS, he focuses primarily on comprehensive projects, including sales and acquisitions of distressed assets, creation of joint-venture structures and restructuring of companies and businesses. Pavel also participates in the representation of major clients in commercial law disputes, including disputes between shareholders. Pavel also has experience in providing legal services in connection with public procurement and concessions.

Petr Vohnický was promoted to counsel from the position of managing associate. At HAVEL & PARTNERS, Petr is a leading expert in litigation and insolvency proceedings. His work focuses primarily on representing clients in complex cases requiring both legal expertise and an understanding of complicated technical aspects. Petr has advised clients operating primarily in the banking, information technology, telecommunications, transportation, engineering and construction sectors. In the past, Petr dealt with several high-profile disputes on the defendant’s part for leading Czech banks or with a number of unfair competition disputes. Petr also has experience in competition law, including State aid. He is currently involved in several private competition law enforcement disputes before Czech and foreign courts.

Jiří Nečas, the firm’s new legal digitisation expert, has long specialised in connecting legal knowledge with modern technologies. As a senior associate, he has been involved in the development of applications that automate the preparation of legal documentation or use AI to conduct legal research. In his new position, he will continue to focus on implementing innovative legal technologies and digital tools to optimise legal processes, increase work efficiency and provide the firm’s clients with innovative and efficient legal services.

As of 1 January 2024, the management of HAVEL & PARTNERS has promoted another 12 lawyers. Pavel Amler, Josef Bouchal, Pavla Kaufmannová, Jan Králíček and Marián Minárik have become managing associates and Arbër Balliu, Ondřej Dostál, Tomáš Chmelka, Michal Kandráč, Kamil Kovaříček, Jozef Krkošek and Ivona Zurynková Hladíková have been promoted to senior associates.

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