Digitalisation of legal acts and processes

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Digitalisation (or computerisation) is one of our law firm’s long-term specialisations, due to its constantly increasing importance as a crucial trend defining the future of both the private and public sectors.

The dynamic development of information technologies with simultaneous development of applicable legislation has enabled gradual digitalisation of the key aspects of activities within individual sectors and organisations, and transition to “paperless” solutions. Digitalisation comes hand in hand with increasing efficiency, and time and cost savings. Digitalisation can be conducive to acceleration of the signing of contracts and subsequent steps, and it can facilitate access to services and process by eliminating the requirement for physical presence of the parties. It also improves the evidential and legal reliability of contractual documentation.

Digitalisation of legal acts and processes

Our law firm has responded to these changes by setting up a dedicated legal team with a unique sectoral focus on digitalisation and digital legal acts. This team comprises our legal experts who have extensive expertise in IT law, regulation of personal data protection, and civil law contracts with an emphasis on e-contracting and eGovernment.

We have established a team of experienced legal professionals who provide legal solutions to our clients mainly in the following areas:

  • electronic documents
  • electronic legal acts
  • trust services for electronic transactions (signatures, seals, stamps)
  • electronic identification
  • “paperless” execution and retention of contracts, issues of trustworthiness, robustness and enforceability
  • overall legal support to companies in their transition to modern digital processes and acts
  • delivering and sharing digital documents
  • sectoral regulation in relation to the use of modern technologies in digitalisation
  • labour law implications of using modern technologies and digitalisation
  • personal data protection while implementing biometric technologies
  • rights of consumers in connection with digitalisation of legal acts and processes
  • development of “digitalisation” software and its implementation (including cloud solutions)
  • protection of ICT infrastructure (data storages), including cyber-security
  • protection and use of software and other intellectual property rights

Our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of Czech and Slovak law and extensive experience in implementation and application of EU law. They gather knowledge regarding developments in relevant foreign jurisdictions, including foreign judgments, practice and trends in digitalisation and digital legal acts.

Our cooperation with leading foreign and international law firms allows us to draw experience from developed global markets. We are a member of ICT Unie, engage in eGovernment projects managed by the Czech Ministry of the Interior, and actively participate in the drafting of legislation and in the activities of working parties for eGovernment. We have been involved in the drafting of the Czech Digital Constitution – proposed bill on the right to digital services.

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The winner of the 11th Act of the Year survey is the Right to Digital Services Act (“Act”), which will, in many respects, simplify the communication between companies and citizens on the one side and authorities on the other side. The legislation, which is also called the “Digital Constitution”, has been prepared with the legislative […]
Authors: Robert Nešpůrek, Jan Diblík, František Korbel Dear Clients and Business Friends, Since 12 March 2020, when it proclaimed a state of emergency, the Czech government has been adopting crisis measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic. These crisis measures substantially change the traditional work style to which most of us are accustomed. Videoconferences are […]
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