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Our specialised and highly qualified family law team is comprised of experienced lawyers who are members of a wider private client practice group. The team has a unique combination of legal expertise and extensive practical knowledge of procedural issues, using a network of specialists experienced across all legal practice areas.

We offer professional legal advice and support, analyse the situation, recommend a strategy and, if necessary, provide qualified direct representation in litigation matters related to the issue.

Thanks to strategically located offices in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Pilsen, Olomouc and Ostrava, it provides legal assistance in the territory of the entire Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Comprehensive legal advice on addressing family matters


preventive advice on matrimonial property law (finding the optimal property regime, pre-nuptial agreements, analysis of the advantages of narrowing or extending marital property, separation of property or maintaining the statutory regime of marital property)

  • standard advice in matrimonial property law (ongoing consultation on operational problems, assessment of issues arising from already concluded agreements on changes to the statutory matrimonial property regime, advice in the event of divorce)
  • legal coverage of obligations arising both before formation of the marriage and during its existence, identification of risks regarding the co-existence of exclusive property and the marital property of spouses, and asset shifts between these asset classes
  • advice, analysis and legal representation in the settlement of the marital property of spouses in connection with divorce or the settlement of mutual property relations in the event of a breakdown in the partners' relationship
  • the issue of disposing of assets included in marital property during the marriage (dealing with situations where one spouse's actions regarding marital property have not been consented to by the other spouse, etc.)
  • the issue of maintenance obligations between spouses
  • legal advice on the acquisition of property by minors and on the management of minors' property

Parental relationships and marriage

  • advising and legal representation in custody matters, i.e., in matters concerning the care of minors (arrangements for the care of minor children for the period after the separation and divorce of parents, arrangements for contact between the non-custodial parent and minor children, dealing with the so-called change of circumstances, i.e., assistance in the event of the need to change the already regulated childcare regime, etc.)
  • preparation of contractual documentation in connection with the care of minors (custody, access, maintenance), assistance in negotiations
  • procedural representation in custody proceedings
  • comprehensive representation in divorce
  • cooperation with specialists (authority for social and legal protection of children, psychologists, court-appointed experts, family therapists)

Intergenerational transfer

  • trusts, endowment funds
  • advising on and legal representation in inheritance matters, including inheritance proceedings
  • drafting wills and agreements
  • administration of inheritance and the decedent’s estate
  • addressing personal matters in cases of disability and death

Three new senior associates join HAVEL & PARTNERS to strengthen three of its practice groups. Senior associate Veronika Bočanová joined the family and employment law team. Senior associate Irena Munzarová was engaged by the commercial law team. And the HAVEL & PARTNERS public sector team was boosted by senior associate Dana Prudíková. Veronika Bočanová is […]
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