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We have been dealing with the issues related to the transport and logistics sector since the establishment of our law firm. It is a comprehensive sector representing one of the key areas of the economy, with a number of legal issues and a strong influence related to the growth of e-commerce and new technologies (electromobility, autonomous driving, delivery efficiency, automated dispatch points, cashless payments, etc.). Criteria such as speed, reliability, personalisation, and automation are and will be decisive attributes for successful business in this area.

We offer comprehensive and highly efficient solutions to institutions and authorities ensuring the development of road, rail, air and water transport in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as to major players from the private sector. We know the specifics of these sectors and understand the needs of our clients. We support them in the successful implementation of their projects and meet their demanding requirements and needs arising from their business.

We offer comprehensive legal and tax services, including:

  • drafting and revising contractual documents related to transport and logistics (e.g., contracts for the provision of logistics services, transport, storage, vehicle deliveries, leasing agreements, etc.), including commercial terms in both B2C and B2B relationships
  • drafting and revising contracts for the supply of specialised technologies and software in the field of logistics (e.g., for the management of deliverymen/couriers, ordering and warehouse systems, for the calculation of time-efficient routes, etc.) and the related setting up and checking of necessary intellectual property rights in technologies and software
  • providing support in obtaining necessary permits and regulatory advice, including related representation before the competent government authorities
  • advising on competition and public procurement, in preparing tender conditions and contractual documentation for transport projects implemented by public contracting authorities, including invitations for tender for public passenger transport services
  • advising on the international transport of goods, including with regard to customs and tax law issues
  • advising on employment law with an emphasis on comprehensive legal support for employers and employees (including their family members) in the field of alien law
  • advising on real estate and construction, e.g., on the purchase and sale of real estate and real estate projects, on the lease of residential, office, wholesale, and retail premises, including the preparation of comprehensive lease structures and related legal documentation
  • advising on mergers, acquisitions, transformations and restructurings, sales of individual assets, business shares, stocks, businesses or parts thereof, lease of businesses or parts thereof
  • advising on financing the business activities of transport and logistics companies, including leasing issues and setting up a fleet management strategy
  • advising on the insurance of risks related to transport and logistics activities
  • representation in proceedings before regulatory authorities overseeing the regulation of the transport and logistics sector, representation before the Office for the Protection of Competition, in out-of-court proceedings or before courts, including disputes with an international element; our lawyers are involved in dispute resolution where they participate as arbitrators in arbitration proceedings, including international arbitration proceedings under the ICC rules

We cover all these topics in our specialist publications and lectures, and also on our blog.


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