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Charity and pro bono activities are an integral part of our work. We believe that helping those in need should be a matter of course for leading market players in all industries. In addition, these public benefit activities also provide us with opportunities to meet interesting people in an informal matter and  establish new contacts. Our efforts are aimed at the following in particular:

  • Helping children and young people with difficulties and problems they encounter in their daily lives (e.g., by supporting Linka bezpečí hotline).
  • Helping to secure financial, humanitarian, legal, professional and educational support and assistance to people with a health, social or financial disadvantage, particularly the elderly (Taťána Kuchařová Foundation).
  • Promoting the development of general education and the deepening of professional knowledge in politics, social sciences and culture (Prague Twenty Foundation).
  • Helping introduce and promote modern art in the context of today’s changing world. We support the good reputation of Czech culture and educational and cultural activities targeting the general public (DOX Gallery).
  • Supporting environmental and business innovation projects (ENVI).
  • We intend to join the voluntary blood donation campaign of the Czech Red Cross. We believe that our colleagues’ great interest in participating will help us build a new tradition of promoting social responsibility.

The firm’s annual 2010 budget for these activities amounted to approximately CZK 3 million (out of which CZK 500,000 was distributed in the form of direct donations and the remainder as pro bono legal services). We are planning to increase this budget in the next years in connection with the further expansion of our firm and our lawyers’ capacity. In addition to the long-term projects referred to above, we have also supported the People in Need foundation, Leontinka foundation and Dětský mozek foundation.

In the context of our pro bono legal services, we also continue to support small and medium-sized enterprises in close cooperation with the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic, the Czech SME Union and the CVCA (Czech Private Equity & Venture Capital Association).

Presented by Chambers & Partners, the prestigious British rating agency, HAVEL & PARTNERS has been shortlisted among ten best-performing European law firms for pro bono work in 2021.



Veronika Dvořáková
Partner | Marketing director



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