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Environmental, social and governance issues, or better known as ESG, are becoming an increasingly important part of investment and business strategies.

For innovative companies that want to succeed in the new carbon-neutral economy, a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved is equally important. The transition to sustainable operating and business models is already a significant business advantage and will be a necessity in the future.

Our dedicated team is always ready to provide you with both comprehensive and partial advice according to your needs and to support your business.

We will help you understand the sustainability-related requirements that are relevant for your business. We will conduct an ESG compliance audit and prepare a customised ESG programme – from managing supply chains, building investors’ trust and protecting employees’ health to responsible and sustainable public procurement. We offer tailored advice on all ESG-related legal, tax and other technical issues.


  • Health, environment and safety (HES) regulations and permits
  • Natural resources exploitation
  • Environmental liability
  • Waste and hazardous materials management
  • Renewable energy regulations and development projects (wind, solar, biomass, biofuels, hydropower, clean hydrogen, etc.)
  • Environmental disputes and litigation
  • Emissions trading
  • Legal regulation of chemicals, including registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemical substances (REACH), biocides and detergents


  • Green bonds
  • Green loans
  • Green funds and investment management
  • Insurance of corporate and product liability, climate risk, cyber risk and other ESG risks
  • External co-financing of sustainability projects in the form of grants or subsidised loans

Governance & Compliance

  • Corporate governance & shareholder relations
  • Anti-bribery and anti-fraud regulations
  • Comprehensive whistleblowing solutions
  • Internal investigations, risk management and disputes
  • Anti-money laundering regulations
  • Business terms compliance and penalties
  • Guidelines, monitoring and training

Commercial & Regulatory

  • Product regulations and safety (marketing and labelling requirements, certification, etc.)
  • IP protection for sustainable goods and services


  • Employee rights and collective labour relations
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Remuneration policies and incentives
  • Whistleblowing, anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies
  • Diversity and inclusion regulations


  • Adaptation of internal company regulations and codes of practice to national laws
  • Litigation and due diligence covering all the matters above
  • Communication with relevant regulators and public institutions
  • Public procurement
  • Sponsorship and other business relationships between companies and non-profit and civic organizations
Authors: Petr Opluštil, Lívia Djukić                              On 5 April 2023, the European Commission published the long-awaited draft technical screening criteria for the remaining 4 environmental objectives of the EU Taxonomy (the Taxonomy Environmental Delegated Act – the “Delegated Act”). What is their purpose and what activities do they apply to? What is the purpose of […]
HAVEL & PARTNERS is the only law firm in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to be included in the prestigious The Legal 500 EMEA Green Guide. The Guide publishes a list of the best law firms focusing on services in the area of sustainability and promoting green transformation principles in the Europe, Middle East and […]
Author: Kateřina NešpůrkováCo-author: Martin Peckl Why new legislation is emerging Fires in factories, collapsed mines, substandard working conditions, child labour, poisoned rivers, oceans overwhelmed with garbage.[1] This and many other undesirable phenomena are brought about by globalisation. Big companies are looking for the cheapest supplier around the world. The consequences are dramatic: we live in […]
Author: Lívia DjukićCo-author: Kateřina Nešpůrková After almost a decade of debates, the EU Directive on improving the gender balance among directors of listed companies has been approved on European soil. The Directive, known abroad as the "Women on Boards Directive", is another of a number of upcoming compliance obligations with an overlap into the ESG […]
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