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Our legal team specializing in debt collection, in close cooperation with the affiliated collection agency Cash Collectors, provides clients with comprehensive services in the area of the management and collection of receivables. Thanks to a unique combination of the largest law firm and one of the largest collection agencies, we have sufficient legal and technical know-how, expertise, and other resources to promptly and efficiently resolve any issues that may arise in connection with the management and recovery of debt. Through our specialised teams at our offices in Prague, Brno, Olomouc and Ostrava, we offer comprehensive court and out-of-court debt recovery services tailored to the client’s debt portfolio and specific requirements.

Our office, jointly with the collection agency Cash Collectors, constitutes one of the largest entities offering comprehensive legal and administrative services in the area of debt management and recovery in the Czech market.

The services we provide to our clients on a continuous basis include:

  • communication with debtors through a specialised call centre
  • preparation and administration of requests for payment
  • out-of-court debt recovery through field workers
  • determination of the debtor’s property, personal and business ties
  • initiating and conducting judicial or arbitration proceedings to award the client’s claim in a legally effective manner
  • representation of clients in court hearings
  • ordering and performing effective execution in cooperation with renowned executor’s offices
  • comprehensive representation of clients in insolvency proceedings
  • acquisition of debt portfolios

In close cooperation with our business partners, including major executor’s offices and field and security agencies, we provide cost-effective debt collection in routine cases of large portfolios and top-quality legal service in connection with complex disputes or receivables both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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