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We consider one of the cornerstones of our legal practice to be the offer of comprehensive legal advice to a strictly defined group of our most important clients. With the goal of providing our legal and tax services to this specific and diverse client category – natural persons, we have established a highly specialized team of lawyers led by four of our partners (Jaroslav Havel, David Neveselý, Vladek Krámek and Marek Lošan).

Specialised private client team

The team members always have the time and capacity to exert the maximum effort when advising private clients. Our priorities, in addition to the utmost discreetness, also include the comprehensibility and unambiguousness of our recommendations and, of course, the promptness of delivery of the results of our work.

The extensive knowledge, practical experience and high level of specialization and expertise of our lawyers allows us not only to provide this particular category of clients with comprehensive legal advice in all key practice areas, but also to arrange for specialized and above-average consultation and organizational services relating to the management of personal and family assets, investments, as well as in family law, inheritance law, litigation, arbitration or other types of proceedings (including criminal and administrative proceedings – misdemeanors, traffic accidents).

In connection with the optimization of the personal incomes of clients in this client category, we also provide comprehensive legal and tax advising, along with identifying opportunities for international tax planning. In addition, through our own specialized team of professionals as well as cooperating experts, we also offer comprehensive advice on the tax structuring of our clients' transactions and consultancy in the field of family office structures, including the preparation of intergenerational capital transfers.

Private client services

The services typically provided by our Private Clients Practice include, inter alia:

  • legal and related tax advice on asset management (including advice on the structuring and management of international structures, foundations, trust funds, etc.);
  • full-range advice on private investments (participation in companies, equity and debt securities, Czech and foreign immovables, vehicles, works of art, etc.);
  • structuring the sale and/or investment transactions with a focus on tax-optimized exit strategies;
  • liability for damage (traffic accidents, damage to property, damage to health caused by sport activities or by a physician, etc.);
  • administrative law (representation and support in administrative proceedings, in particular misdemeanor proceedings – traffic accidents, disturbance of the peace, tax-related offences, etc.);
  • family law (drafting prenuptial agreements, restricted community property, representing our clients in divorce proceedings, etc.);
  • inter-generation capital transfer, including inheritance law (representing our clients in inheritance proceedings, probate issues, etc.);
  • criminal law including criminal tax law;
  • dispute resolution (representing our clients in any type of proceedings before courts or arbitration tribunals).

Czech Law Firm of the Year 2023 in the Asset Management category.
The firm is constantly ranked among the most recommended
(top tier) law firms in the Czech Republic.

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