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We have the largest team specialising in technology and associated business fields in the Czech and Slovak market. The members of the team are not only technology enthusiasts and active technology users but some are also IT graduates. Their extensive experience and the unique composition of the team makes our law firm able to address any technology law issues and projects. It makes no difference whether you are a start-up, an SME, or a global technology giant – we make no distinction between our clients and provide all with the highest level of legal services.

Agile. AI. Big Data. BankID. Blockchain. Cloud. Crypto. Digitisation. Domain names. DPA. ESOP. FinTech. IaaS. IoT. NFT. Open source. PaaS. Industry 4.0. SaaS. Smart contracts. Vendor lock-in. Web3. Whistleblowing. We work with these and many other concepts every day and are able to advise you on all related legal and tax issues, problems and disputes.

Our clients are not only foreign technology giants, large or medium-sized Czech and Slovak technology companies or public institutions, but also small start-ups. With several of them we have experienced both the initial development and launch of their product on the market, as well as their successful transformation from a small promising start-up into a large international company, the exit of their founders and their subsequent operation.

We see our clients as business partners. We help them grow, protect their rights and save them time and money. Our clients can therefore focus on their technology business and do not have to deal with unpleasant legal issues and problems – that's what we're here for.

In the long run, we specifically focus on these areas

  • Drafting and reviewing various IT contracts – development, implementation, service, licensing, cloud contracts, contracts with developers, etc.
  • Individual legal assessment of an existing or envisaged IT solution and proposal of its correct legal and tax set-up
  • Drafting terms and conditions of use for various applications, personal data processing policies, cookies policies or other necessary documents
  • Handling local and international domain litigations
  • Comprehensive transaction advisory services – due diligence, negotiation, financing, structuring and implementation of IT transactions of all kinds
  • Comprehensive and individual support in drafting all parts of the tender and contractual documentation in IT public procurement, while taking into account the limits of the procurement procedure and the decision-making practice of inspection authorities
  • Full legal support to parties at all stages of the procurement procedure
  • Representing clients before the Office for the Protection of Competition, the Office for Personal Data Protection and before courts
  • Assessing the regulatory impact on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFT or FinTech solutions, processing of all necessary public licences
  • Advice on the transition to modern digital functioning of organisations and individual assessment of tools facilitating digitisation
  • Whistleblowing consultancy and delivery of the comprehensive whistleblowing solution  FairWhistle, together with our affiliate FairData Professionals
  • Creating technology partnerships and seeking business opportunities

We further share our knowledge in expert publications, at specialised workshops or industry discussion panels. We also focus on technology law on our blog.

The firm’s transaction team was involved in a major telecommunications transaction in the Czech market. In the transaction, a ČEZ energy group’s subsidiary became the owner of a regional Internet provider in Eastern Bohemia and Vysočina. The legal advisory to the owners of EDERA Group, whose services are used by tens of thousands of customers, […]


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