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HAVEL & PARTNERS is fully aware of the increasing importance of employment law and human resources management. With respect to the long-term cooperation with Czech, Slovak, and international companies, we understand the complexity of the issues faced by firms in this area. We offer practical solutions based on our extensive legal expertise and experience.

Labour and social security law

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal advisory in the fields of labour law and social security law. We draft in particular labour law documents and expert opinions, represent our clients before judicial and administrative authorities, or provide partial consultations in urgent matters.

We have vast experience with advising in a whole range of day-to-day matters in the workplace. We understand how HR teams and the management of our clients work and we know how important it is for companies to stay on top in the ever-changing and constantly evolving HR area. For that reason, our team of specialised experts provides not only traditional but also specific labour law and HR management services including the following:

  • drafting management, employment and other agreements;
  • drafting work rules and other internal regulations;
  • employee remuneration;
  • ensuring and implementing the principles of equal opportunities;
  • discrimination;
  • employee layoffs including negotiations and prevention of judicial disputes;
  • labour law litigations with employees/executives;
  • agency employment;
  • collective bargaining agreements, negotiating and communicating with trade unions;
  • company restructuring;
  • HR audits;
  • compliance programmes;
  • whistleblowing;
  • internal investigation of unlawful acts by employees;
  • the Civil Service Act;
  • tailored training/workshops.

Our labour law team has extensive experience in the statutory regulation of employment relations between expatriate employees and domestic employers as well as between Czech employees and foreign employers, including the selection of the appropriate law and jurisdiction to govern the relevant employment relationships and subsequent tax optimizations.

Immigration law

Our law firm also provides comprehensive legal support to employers and employees (as well as to their family members) with regards to immigration law. Thanks to our extensive experience with cross-border projects, our highly specialised team is able to efficiently create the most suitable structure of the relocation plan, and assess the social security and tax aspects, as well as the choice of law that is to temporarily govern the contractual relationship. Besides that we ensure comprehensive preparation of all applications and underlying documentation, including certified translations, namely for the following areas:

EU/EEA citizens and their family members

  • meeting the notification duties when commencing and terminating employment
  • temporary and permanent residence
  • citizenship
  • secondments to the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • coordination of secondments of employees from the Czech Republic and Slovakia abroad (in cooperation with law firms abroad)
  • tax assessments
  • providing the A1 certificate

Non-EU citizens

  • employment cards (dual and non-dual character)
  • recognition of degrees from foreign schools in the Czech Republic
  • Schengen visas for stays up to 90 days (for employment, business, etc.)
  • long-term visas for stays over 90 days
  • secondments to the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • intra-corporate employee transfer card
  • visa for seasonal employment
  • long-term residence, including long-term residence permit for making investments
  • permanent residence, including notification duties when commencing or terminating employment
  • citizenship
  • representation before administrative courts (expatriation, etc.)
  • blue card
  • tax assessments

L&E Global

As an affiliated member of the L&E Global network, we offer our clients cross-border labour and employment law services, including the efficient handling of international labour and employment matters and multi-jurisdictional projects.

Authors: Jan Koval, Vojtěch Katzer, Pavla Kaufmannová, Ema Černá The amendment to the Labour Code, which will bring about many fundamental changes to Czech employment law, was approved by the Chamber of Deputies on 12 September 2023. We informed you about the most important changes this February, however, the amendment has undergone several further changes […]
Authors: Petra Sochorová, Anna Kubrichtová Last September we informed you of major changes that the Czech employment law is to undergo as a result of the amendment to the Labour Code and related labour regulations. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic dealt with hundreds of comments that were received on the […]
27 October 2022 Authors: Štěpán Štarha, Milan Černaj, Khrystyna Koleshchuk From 1 November 2022, an amendment to the Labour Code is to come into force, which may provide a greater degree of flexibility to entrepreneurs and employers in determining and changing the working conditions of employees. As the amendment transposes as many as 2 Directives of the European […]
Authors: Dalibor Kovář, František Korbel, Petra Sochorová Let us inform you about an expected major change in employment law, initiated by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. It is a long-awaited amendment to the Labour Code and related labour law legislation. Although the amendment has been in the inter-ministerial comment […]
Authors: Ondřej Majer, Štěpán Štarha, Lenka Ostró By its Resolution no. 678 of 22 October 2020, the Government of the Slovak Republic ordered a curfew for the period from 24 October 2020 to 1 November 2020 between 05.00 a.m. and 01.00 a.m. of the next day, restricting access to shopping malls and stores with the exception of […]
Authors: Jan Koval, Štěpán Štarha, Lenka Ostró On 4 April 2020, a government proposal amending the Labour Code came into force. At the same time, as of today, 6 April 2020, employers will be able to apply for benefits to support the maintenance of jobs. You can read about all the current changes in our […]
Authors: Jan Koval, Petra Sochorová Updated on December 7 2021. As of 30 November 2021, the Government has again approved the “Antivirus” employment promotion program, the essence of which is the partial compensation of employee wage costs during the period of obstacles caused by the quarantine and emergency or crisis measures related to the spread of […]
Authors: Jan Koval, Štěpán Štarha, Zuzana Hargašová Due to the declaration of an emergency situation in the territory of the Slovak Republic, the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic has issued several measures concerning the prohibition of organizing and arranging mass sports, cultural, social or other events, restrictions on Slovak border-crossing points, mass transportation, […]
Authors: Jan Koval, Veronika Plešková The Czech government declared a state of emergency on Thursday. In this context, a crisis measure has been issued with a view to limiting concentrations of large numbers of people, and a crisis measure relating to restrictions on transportation. Both these measures will significantly affect employment. How specifically?1 The affected […]
Authors: Jan Koval, Štěpán Štarha, Zuzana Hargašová Due to an increasing number of questions and growing concerns, we would like to remind you of the possibilities that the Labour Code offers to employers under these situations, and to recommend measures that might be reasonable to take. In particular, we recommend monitoring the www pages of […]
Authors: Jan Koval, Veronika Plešková The situation around the Coronavirus outbreak in Europe has worsened since out last issue of Employment Flash newsletter. In response, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic issued two emergency measures in the last few days which will affect you as employers. What do they deal with? Citizens of […]
Authors: Jan Koval, Ema Drštičková, Veronika Plešková Given the growing questions and growing concern in society, we would like to bring up the possibilities offered by the Labour Code to employers in such situations and recommend measures that may be appropriate to take. We would also like to draw your attention to the steps which may […]
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