Jiří Kunášek becomes equity partner of HAVEL & PARTNERS, Veronika Bočanová and Ivan Houfek become new partners; a total of 28 lawyers promoted

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01. 07. 2024

As in previous years, the beginning of summer at HAVEL & PARTNERS is associated with a wave of internal promotions, which is record-breaking this year. Jiří Kunášek becomes a new equity partner with effect from 1 July, Veronika Bočanová and Ivan Houfek are promoted to the position of partner. Additional 25 attorneys are moving to more senior positions.

“Midway through this year, we are promoting a 28 lawyers internally. All of them have demonstrated that they have excellent skills in dealing with the specific needs of clients, including in the context of their business, which we see as a key factor in the firm,” says managing partner Jaroslav Havel of the personnel changes. “Our firm has been growing continuously in terms of staff since its establishment, which is why the number of colleagues who aspire to senior or outright managerial positions thanks to their high work commitment, top expertise in the areas of law and tax, and strong pro-client approach is growing every year,” he said.

Jiří Kunášek, who has already been a key member of the management team, is a new equity partner of the firm as of July. In his practice, he focuses primarily on commercial and corporate law, particularly in the area of corporate dispute resolution, general meetings, corporate transformations and holding structures. He co-leads the inheritance law practice group. Jiří offers private clients comprehensive legal advice related to the protection and management of personal and family wealth, private assets, and intergenerational transfer of capital. He represents clients in large and complex inheritance disputes and their settlement. Last but not least, he also focuses on financial law and capital markets and provides companies with comprehensive advice on IPOs.

Veronika Bočanová, a leading expert in family law, becomes a new partner at HAVEL & PARTNERS. She co-leads the family law team and has more than 20 years of experience in this field. She offers comprehensive legal services in relation to marriage and parenthood. She specialises in setting up the conditions of child custody arrangements, dealing with child support issues, matrimonial property law, administration of the property of minor children, and legal representation in custody or divorce proceedings and matrimonial property settlement disputes.

Ivan Houfek, who has long specialised in complex dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration, has become a partner at HAVEL & PARTNERS. He has advised a number of Czech and international clients on litigation matters in the automotive, telecommunications, energy, metallurgy, construction, transport and media sectors. He also deals with contract law and related disputes, contractual and tort liability, real estate law and protection of reputation. Ivan also provides legal advice on dispute resolution to private clients and churches.

Additional 25 attorneys are moving to senior positions as of July. Roman Světnický and Renáta Šínová have been promoted to the position of counsel. Róbert Gašparovič, Zuzana Hájková, Tomáš Havelka, Mária Kopecká, Pavlína Petráčková, Dana Prudíková, Radek Riedl, Ivo Skolil and Pavel Zahradníček have been promoted to the position of managing associates. Finally, Kateřina Bárová, Vladislav Bernard, Jakub Dozbaba, Hana Erbsová, Marta Fantová Argalášová, Barbara Fikarová, Denisa Fuchsová, David Hauser, Kateřina Kabátová, Lenka Ostró, Petra Joanna Pipková, Martin Rott, Dalibor Slavík and Klára Šléglová have been promoted to the position of senior associates.

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