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Veronika Dvořáková is responsible for marketing, communication and the CSR policy of the law firm, and manages HAVEL & PARTNERS ACADEMY.

Before joining our law firm, she was the head of the press department and the media spokesperson of the Justice Ministry and the Government Legislative Council from 2009. In 2010, she became the senior director of the minister’s cabinet responsible for the executive operation of the ministry, communication in and outside the ministry and led a team of advisors. She also participated in establishing the Committee for the Application of New Civil Legislation (KANCL) at the Ministry of Justice.

During her studies in London, she cooperated with an international PR agency as an advisor for Central Europe and collaborated on a UN human rights project.

Between 2002 and 2009, Veronika was a journalist active in several national media outlets, with the longest period spent at Týden weekly and in Czech Television as a reporter specialising in legislation and justice.

Veronika has been active in legal PR and media consultancy for many years; she writes various texts and books on law popularisation and also holds lectures in this area. She provides media training for lawyers, including judges and prosecutors.

Czech, English
  • Charles University, Faculty of Law, Prague; JUDr. (advanced Master’s degree; 2013)
  • VŠFS, Economy and Management, Marketing Communication, Prague; Ing. (Master’s degree; 2011)
  • City University, Faculty of Law, London; a scholarship programme (2010)
  • Charles University, Faculty of Law; Mgr. (Master’s degree; 2009)
  • Palacký University, Faculty of Arts, Journalism – Czech Philology; Olomouc, Bc. (2004)
  • Perth College, UK, Mass Media (2003)
HAVEL & PARTNERS has launched a large-scale project called NextŽeny (NextWomen) focusing on the transfer of wealth to women. The law firm has published a study summarising the socio-economic, demographic, and legislative factors and circumstances that contribute to the increase in wealth held and managed by women in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. According to […]
Another wave of internal promotions marks a follow-up to the largest Czech-Slovak law firm’s successful year. Existing partners Veronika Dvořáková and Ivan Rámeš become the firm’s shareholders, while counsels Lenka Štiková Gachová, Michal Smrček and Josef Žaloudek were promoted to partners as of 1 January 2022. An additional 12 lawyers of the firm at three […]
HAVEL & PARTNERS won first place in the Services category in the 16th year of the Lemur - Czech Award for Public Relations 2021 competition. In another industry competition, Fénix content marketing, it won silver for the most efficient corporate content. The firm won both awards for its Comprehensive Information Service in the coronavirus era. […]
At the Lawyer of the Year 2019 award ceremony, HAVEL & PARTNERS, the largest Czech-Slovak law firm, handed over a cheque for CZK 100,000 to the Krtek Children’s Oncology Endowment Fund (Nadační fond dětské onkologie Krtek), a charity financially supported by the law firm since 2015. Assisting physicians and healthcare professionals in the Children’s Oncology Clinic at […]
Starting from the New Year, HAVEL & PARTNERS, the largest Czech-Slovak law firm (until 31 December 2017: Havel, Holásek & Partners), has carried out further internal career promotions. Effective from 1 January 2018, the current partner Ludvík Juřička became a firm equity partner. On the same date, Veronika Ryšávková was promoted to the position of […]


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