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18. 10. 2023

Dear Clients and Business Friends,

We live in an era in which perhaps the only constant is change. The world is changing at a pace like never before in history. Those who cannot keep up and adapt to change have little chance of success in such a reality. In the new issue of H&P Magazine, both online and in PDF format, we bring you articles, commentaries, interviews, and analyses that will familiarise you with the latest trends and prepare you for the current challenges of our time.

Our colleagues from the IT/IP team will give you ten tips on how to use AI in your company with the blessing of a lawyer. You can also learn what good incentive programs, so-called ESOP plans, are for and how to practically make an employee a motivated driver of the company who is committed to stay.   

These days bring not only new challenges, but also risks. For example, did you know that virtually any company that does not check its business partners thoroughly can unwittingly become involved in VAT fraud? How is that possible? Our tax specialists will answer your questions in the magazine.

And there's more. How best to protect your loved ones for the times when you can no longer help them is also discussed by our colleagues in the article dedicated to inheritance. On the pages of the magazine we also discuss the situation on the real estate bond market, the green revolution in real estate, multi-family office solutions or the new rules for the oversight of transactions by competition authorities.

We believe you will find all the information useful and practically applicable for the further development of your business strategy or private activities.

We wish you pleasant and inspiring reading, and look forward to our further cooperation, in which we will be happy to be your reliable guide to the new reality in business.

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