Innovation as a path to success – HAVEL & PARTNERS brings out a new issue of H&P Magazine

19. 02. 2023

Dear Clients and Business Friends,

In order to be a reliable partner for you in the long term, to help you in difficult times or under any circumstances, we are always thinking ahead, looking for new challenges and preparing for them, and we want to prepare you for them as well. In this new issue of the H&P Magazine, available both online and in PDF format, we therefore offer a number of articles, data and analyses, commentaries and interviews on current topics and trends in the world of business and law that are now relevant to your business.

A company that wants to be successful in the long term should always be one step ahead and invest in development and innovation. Today, global technology corporations commonly acquire innovations by investing in start-ups, and this proven approach can also work well in the Czech or Slovak environment. In the magazine, we explain how such a corporate investment in a start-up works in practice, and what benefits it can have for the company.

Credibility, prestige, and new capital – these are the biggest benefits of offering company shares on the stock exchange. In this article, our capital market experts give you practical advice on how to make a successful IPO. We are seeing an increasingly important female element in business. What is the cause and what socio-economic changes are involved? We offer a summary of our unique NextŽeny study on the phenomenon of wealth transfer to women. We also add a range of news from the world of taxes, trade, e-commerce and other areas, and you will also learn about the legal pitfalls of a relationship with a foreign partner, or what obligations management has when a company faces financial difficulties.

Thanks to our universality and specialisation in all areas of law, our network of contacts and proactive approach, we can effectively help you deal with any serious problems or crisis situations that may threaten your reputation, security or economic stability.

In these cases, we offer high added-value legal and tax services complemented by our exceptional know-how in the areas of PR and security. No other law firm on the market offers such a range of services that effectively avert fatal damage or negative impacts on clients and their companies. Moreover, we are constantly striving to further push the boundaries of our potential.

Thank you for your trust, we wish you useful and inspiring reading, and we look forward to further cooperation.

We believe that we will continue to be with you, as always, connected through success.

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