HAVEL & PARTNERS is the largest Czech law firm and the fourth largest law firm on the Slovak market

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01. 12. 2023

HAVEL & PARTNERS is the largest Czech law firm and the fourth largest law firm on the Slovak market. For the third time in a row, it was ranked as the largest law firm in the Intellectual Property and Competition Law categories.  In the TOP 10 largest law firms ranking, which is compiled by the SME daily and The Slovak Spectator according to combined measurable criteria, HAVEL & PARTNERS is the largest Czech law firm, the third largest regional law firm, and the fourth largest law firm active on the Slovak market. In addition, this year it defended its victory from last year and for the third time in a row was ranked first in the Intellectual Property and Competition Law categories. This year it was ranked among the TOP 10 largest law firms in the Mergers and Acquisitions and Employment Law categories.

 "We are very appreciative of being ranked among the TOP 10 largest law firms and are very pleased that we continue to strengthen our position as the largest Czech-Slovak law firm. These excellent results are a reflection of our intensive efforts and the excellent professionalism of our team," said Jaroslav Havel, managing partner of the firm. "Together, we have proven that teamwork, integrity and uncompromising quality are the keys to success, and for that I thank all my colleagues. I would also like to thank all our clients for their long-standing trust, which continues to commit us to working to further improve and expand our legal, tax and advisory services and to remain a reliable partner to them," Jaroslav Havel added.

Being ranked in the TOP 10 not only confirms the significant position of HAVEL & PARTNERS on the legal services market, but also reflects the high quality of the services provided, the exceptional versatility of the specialised teams and the cutting-edge know-how of the firm's lawyers.

Intellectual Property

For the third time in a row, the firm won the Intellectual Property Law category, where it was ranked first among the largest and most prestigious law firms: "We are extremely pleased that we have again defended last year's victory and continue to be ranked as one of the most successful legal practices in this category not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. We are also regularly recognized by prestigious foreign ratings IP Stars and World Trademark Review, which confirms that our work is of exceptionally high quality and that we are able to assist our clients in the most challenging cases not only in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, but also internationally," commented partner Štěpán Štarha on this year's victory. The team of 25 experienced lawyers and patent attorneys offers an unrivalled level of specialisation in their respective fields, with detailed knowledge of the market and the latest trends in the rapidly evolving digital world. The combination of specialisation in new technologies, intellectual property law with technology law and venture capital brings a synergy that allows us to offer clients unique and innovative solutions that move them forward and help them succeed in a highly competitive environment.

Competition Law

For the third time in a row, the firm also won the Competition Law category and thus became the most successful law firm in this field in Slovakia. “A big thank you to our clients. We greatly appreciate their trust. We believe that the quality of our services in the area of competition law is confirmed by our constantly growing and satisfied clients, as well as a number of prestigious local and international awards,” said partner Lenka Štiková Gachová.

Partner Robert Neruda added:  "Winning the Competition Law category again confirms the excellence of our team of 28 top professionals, which has grown since 2010 into the largest competition law team in the region thanks to the trust of our clients. Last year we significantly strengthened our local presence in Slovakia and with a team of five experienced colleagues, we are thus able to serve even the largest projects and most demanding clients. The victory is a credit to all the colleagues, lawyers and economists of our firm who were involved in providing competition law advice in Slovakia."

The firm defended its position this year and won again the Competition Law category also in the prestigious Law Firm of the Year competition.


The 10 largest law firms ranking in Slovakia was compiled in cooperation with the English newspaper The Slovak Spectator. Six criteria influenced the ranking (for the number of lawyers and the number of cases, data from 2022 were taken into account; for revenues and profit, the averages for 2020-2022 were taken into account). The weighting of each criterion was as follows: number of attorneys  (30%); number of persons (excluding attorneys) with a law degree with more than three years' experience (16%); number of persons (excluding attorneys) with a law degree with less than three years' experience (8%); revenues from the sale of own products and services (23%); profit or loss after tax (7%); number of cases for which it has been paid a fee of EUR 20,000 - 50,000 (1 point) and a fee of more than EUR 50,000 (1.5 point) (16%).

Full results are available HERE.

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